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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel

Balayage | Ombre

Ombre means the transition from a dark color to a light but one on the other hand, Balayage means applying the lighter color in a square shape all over the hair. When it comes to ombre there no dark color at the bottom of the hair. If you pick the Balayage hair, you will have a darker color at the bottom and since is not a trend it will always be in style.


Babylights are delicate highlights created using a very fine hair color technique to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair color seen on children's hair. ...
Babylights can be applied to any haircolor or hair type:
“The process can be done in any shade to match any skin tone.

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Brazilian blowout

Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing treatments are the most innovative and effective in the world. Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!
  •   This place is very friendly and welcoming. I have been going to my usual salon for 10 years and my girl was busy so today I want to try new hair style so I booked an appointment to check this place out. For sure this place didn't disappoint me at all. The stylist here are very professional, they're talented, know what they're doing and always make sure to get the look you are looking for and the price aren't bad either.   Cadance was the one doing my hair she was sweet and know what she is going.  I wanted to try the owner My out but of course she was busy. Cadance didn't disappoint me at all. I love my hair will come back. Thanks Cadance.

    thumb Tina T.
  •   I recently got a Brazilian blow out by Jeannie and I ab-so-lute-ly LOVE IT!! It was my first time getting it done and I couldn't have gone to a better stylist. My hair is naturally really curly, and voíla I can control my hair when I get out of the shower, can u say "miracle worker" or what?!?!?! I love her and will be back! Go Jeannie!

    thumb Kennia G.
  •   These ladies are the epitome of hard work and passion! I recently got my hair done by My-Hang, and she always does such a great job. She is so talented at what she does and she's the most down to earth girl I know! The salon is tastefully decorated and gives off a nice ambiance as well. All the ladies are super hospitable and I was very comfortable there. I most definitely recommend making an appointment if you're looking for quality hair treatment.

    thumb Ornvipa M.
  •   I've been following My and her team for months on IG since I first thought of dyeing my hair. I had been looking around at other salons too, but My and her work always caught my eye, along with the others as her team grew! In August, I finally booked an appointment with Jeannie in September for her balayage promo and I was completely blown away! Jeannie herself is so so sweet, and talking with her was easy and relaxing, kinda like talking to an old friend haha! She was also extremely nice and helpful both during AND after the appointment, never hesitating to help me out with any questions I had or with anything I needed while I was getting my hair done (sorry for the massive arm workout Jeannie ). Since it was my first time ever getting my hair done I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I am SO glad I went to Jeannie for my first time. If you are looking to get your hair done, PLEASE do not look any further! Jeannie, My, any one of these girls are absolutely capable of giving you the best! I am absolutely in love with my hair and it turned out so much better than I had expected (for myself, cause Jeannie is amazing and I would NEVER doubt her). I seriously cannot thank Jeannie enough for everything, she is a hair goddess! Hopefully (if my mom doesn't kill me first, haha) I can have many many more hair dates with Jeannie  These ladies are amazing and they all deserve the world, so PLEASE support their grind and treat yourself to a great hairdo in the process!!

    thumb Sherry T.
  •   I did my extensive research before coming here, and the praise/loyalty that other customers had for this salon won me over. The tight knit "squad" of salon stylists at this place was also something that caught my eye.

    It was very easy to make an appointment, and the receptionist responds super fast. My stylist was Jeannie, and thought she seemed to be one of the younger stylists, I LOVED her work. The squad was also SUPER nice!!! They offered coffee, tea, water, etc, always making sure that you were comfortable.

    I asked for a balayage that would get rid of my brassy orange ombre (I showed her a picture of a balayage she had done before from her own Instagram). I had gotten my hair done only a few months earlier, but I hated the brassiness so much that I was willing to dish out some dough for a do-over.

    Jeannie was super nice and personable 🙂 At the end, when she took the pictures of my hair, I couldn't be happier with the results! The toner did leave my hair more grey than the end result only at the beginning (after a couple of days, the dark greyness faded to an ash blonde, like I had asked for).

    My (the owner) also gave me hair care tips and instructions before I left so that I can maintain the color. I took her advice and bought the purple shampoo that she recommended.

    My sister also came here two weeks after I did. She had a brunette balayage done, and they recommended BLUE shampoo, to maintain the color. I had no idea that even existed, but I guess that goes to show that My really knows her stuff? hahahaha

    Anyways, I think I FINALLY found my salon! I will definitely be coming here from now on to get my hair done. Even if I live in LA, I'll find a way to come whenever I go back to SJ!!!

    Moral of the story: having a huge IG following on your stylist account is probably important LOLOL

    thumb Rebecca W.
  •   This review is long overdue but I had an amazing experience here at My's salon. Coloring your hair can sometimes be a stressful situation for me 'cause not only are you spending a lot of money but you're also trusting that the hairstylist understands your wants and needs.

    Never once did I feel stressed or nervous during my appt! I booked an appt with Jeannie for a balayage session and she was the sweetest and most down-to-earth person. She was amazingly personable and made me feel like I was being heard. Sometimes hairstylists can act really high and mighty when they know they're good but with Jeannie and the environment at My's salon, I felt like I was just genuinely with friends.

    My did a good job of coming to check up on me and  to see how my hair was processing even though I wasn't her client that day. She is so funny!

    Jeannie did a fantastic job with my hair. It was exactly what I wanted and more and she gave me really helpful tips on how to maintain the color. It's been about two months now and my hair has faded really nicely.

    I definitely recommend My and her team, especially Jeannie! They are super sincere and amazing at their work.

    thumb Tricia T.
  •   I don't know how  the hair is. This rating is on customer service. I made an appointment and promptly venmo'd my $50 deposit to hold the appointment. I canceled my appointment with a week and a half's notice. When asked for my deposit please I was told it was NON REFUNDABLE. which I am as told in the text when I booked it, however I assumed this was for last minute cancellations. Never would I have thought that with almost two weeks notice my money would be kept. When I voiced that I thought this was a terrible policy, I was blown away at the attitude I got back in return. If you're looking for customer service, this is not your place.

    In response to My:

    I would encourage you to talk to customers in a more respectful manner.

    thumb Brittney W.
  •   In summary: Chic salon filled with amazing ladies who love what they do!
    What I get: Hair cut & color (balayage)
    Would I recommend to others: Yes!
    Would I go again: Yes!
    Things to note: My has been doing my hair for about 5 years now and it's still a love relationship. Most salons I've been to once or twice, but My is different. She'll have you walking out of the salon looking your hair-best. Whether it's a subtle brown or a high-lift pastel, this salon has got you covered. Ladies at the salon are pleasant and high-energy. Bay Area's must-try salon!
    It's not a "just-walk-in-on-your-day-off" kind of place- it's art. So book your appointment in advance and wait patiently for your hairdate 🙂

    thumb Anna K.
  •   This review is long overdue. So sorry My! 🙂

    But what can I say about her? Well, she is just downright AMAZEBALLS.

    We're going on little over 5years now...and until she retires, I will always remain loyal to her!

    The first time I met My my hair was extra long, extra grown out, and extra raché! But after working her balayage magic, I had some awesome locks! As the years progressed, she definitely convinced me to go above and guessed it! BLONDE! And even though I always consider to go back to dark, I just can't. #asianblondecrewforever LOL.

    But aside from her being consistent and seamless with her work, she is definitely a super rad person. She is frickin hilarious and she goes above and beyond for her clients. She's always there for those last minute "OMG, I'm going on a trip and I need a touch up"-type appointments...those days where you have an event/party/wedding to go to and because you have two left hands, she tells you to come in real quick so she can help you out with her ninja curling skills. Hahaha. I can go and on! 🙂

    All in all, My knows her sh*t. She keeps it real and she never disappoints!

    So if you're ready for some legit hair, I suggest you set up an appointment to see her and her crew!! Cause they're legit too!! xo.

    thumb Eileen G.
  •   Sorry for the delay...I was going to write a review when I went back in to tone but I just haven't had time so here's my review for my first hair date with My and her squad.

    I went in almost 4 weeks ago wanted a new look for the fall.. My is defn attentive and knowledgeable and make sure my hair stay healthy as possible. I told My what color and look I was going for. I ask her for her opinion and she explained to me the different between balayage and  babylights  End up deciding to do an ashy grey babylights and it turn out amazing.  My did tell me I need to come back in to be toned since my color will fade. Since so much time have pass, my hair turn really blonde than it tone down itself to a nice blonde which grew on me.  As much as my hair is not the same color as it was when I first left I still get plenty of compliments and ppl want me to keep it this color.  But I cant wait to go back in to get the ash color i want for the fall.

    thumb Nicole C.