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A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel

Balayage | Ombre

Ombre means the transition from a dark color to a light but one on the other hand, Balayage means applying the lighter color in a square shape all over the hair. When it comes to ombre there no dark color at the bottom of the hair. If you pick the Balayage hair, you will have a darker color at the bottom and since is not a trend it will always be in style.


Babylights are delicate highlights created using a very fine hair color technique to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair color seen on children's hair. ...
Babylights can be applied to any haircolor or hair type:
“The process can be done in any shade to match any skin tone.

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Brazilian blowout

Brazilian Blowout professional smoothing treatments are the most innovative and effective in the world. Through the use of breakthrough bonding technologies, these customizable smoothing treatments actually improve the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine!
  •   Loyal client of 5 years right here!!

    I used to live in the Bay but now I make day trips from LA to the Bay just to see My! LOL The first thing my NorCal friends ask me is: "Did you come up for your hair again?"  My friends are no longer surprised that I do this because they know how much MY and my hair mean to me! I don't trust anyone else to do my full head. My ALWAYS delivers beaaautiful results (truly beyond my expectations) and she also does the job so quickly compared to others. (I've tried other hairstylists in LA) I've not once been disappointed by My, which is why I book flights just to go see her!!

    I 100000% would recommend you book an appointment with My or someone on her squad if you want:
    - Endless compliments on your hair
    - Friendly stylists who care about their clients' happiness & are reallllly good & efficient at what they do
    - Your hair feeling fresh and healthy even after coloring it
    - A major confidence boost because you'll be feeling extra beautiful when you walk out of My's salon

    My & her squad are the BEST in the business. It will cost you a bit more to book an appointment with My, but you get what you pay for & then some! She's absolutely worth every dollar! However, if you're ballin on a budget, then I would also recommend that you book with someone else on the team because quite frankly they all do a damn good job;  they've all been trained by the same person after all andddd My is usually in the salon to help guide them too. My won't let a client walk away feeling unhappy about the services provided. You can't go wrong trusting My & her girls with your hair.

    To My: I am entirely grateful to have found you 5 years ago and I am in awe how far you've come since I met you at Barbarella!! You've gone from having to work at a salon, renting a chair, to now owning a salon + mentoring a handful of talented stylists! You're the epitome of a Boss Lady! I am so very blessed to have you not only as my personal hair doctor but as a genuine & caring friend. I'm so proud to be one of your forever clients! Thank you a hundred times over for the work that you do and the love and passion you have for what you do. Always looking forward to my next hair date with you.

    thumb Joievee B.
  •   I am extremely happy that I came to this salon with my virgin hair! I had been recommended to this gem and after looking at all their gorgeous work on Instagram, I was persuaded. I texted the salon and I got an immediate response and I was able to get an appointment for the next day! Jeannie is AMAZING! She worked her magic and her work came out beautiful! I am sooooo in love with my balayage! She is kind, sweet, and able to click with her so easy with girl talks, hehe. The rest of the ladies are awesome too! My would check up on me and Marissa toned my hair. Exceeding great customer service! I've been recommending this salon to everyone who's asked where did I get my hair done! Looking forward to my next hair date with Jeannie!

    thumb Clarissa R.
  •   This review is overdue - I got my hair done in the beginning of October. My and her team are aMaZiNg. First off, the salon is decorated beautifully, well maintained, and makes you feel super comfortable. I came in with semi faded deep reddish hair that I had been box dying for 2-3 years, and I wanted to change it to silver gray purple-y. I know nothing about hair, and she was super patient in explaining to me the options that I had that could get my hair to where I wanted it to be. We decided on doing a global bleach to get the red out and try to lighten it. The process took a while, cuz my hair was super long and had a lot of red dye in it, but my and her squad made me feel really comfortable. The results were SO BEAUTIFUL - it was a ashy purple with some brown, and I LOVE that it would change color under different lighting! even now after it's faded I still get so many compliments! I'm super excited for my next appointment/global bleach to see how light my hair can get. Highly recommend booking an appointment with her cuz you won't be disappointed 🙂

    thumb Joanne W.
  •   This is an overdue review for Jeannie!

    I've been going to My for years now. But of course given the fact that she's one of the best hair stylist in the bay, she's always super busy and super booked. So one day I really needed a touch up and couldn't score a soon enough appointment with the queen My and she suggested for me to try Jeannie. I honestly didn't hesitate. I believe that if these wonderful assistants/stylist were hired by My, they must be GOOD! as she wouldn't risk the name of her  salon and put clients in the wrong stylists hands. But anyhow, I went in for my appointment with Jeannie and the results were fantastic.

    Jeannie is such a sweet girl and made sure I got the results I was looking for. I've been going to her for the past two times now and I got no complaints at all. I LOVE MY HAIR!! And if you follow her on Instagram you can see the wonderful job she does @mystylist_jeannie

    My still jumps in to make sure every thing is running smoothly (as I'm her original client) and she still does my haircut too.

    So ladies at My Stylist Salon, keep up the great job. All those great reviews and 5-star rating are legit!

    thumb Lola Bex D.
  •   This review is for Cadence!

    I've avoided doing anything to my natural hair because I knew that ombre or balayage could easily look messed up (I'm really picky), but after reading all the reviews on Yelp for My Stylist Salon, I decided to finally give it a try! I had faith in their abilities from the positive feedback and portfolio, and I wasn't disappointed!

    I've had two sessions so far, and Cadence did both of them. It was my first time doing anything to my Asian dark brown hair but she let me know what the process was and gave me realistic suggestions. I ended up going with a balayage and we had a good conversation the whole time! I asked her about caring for my hair and the products I should use, and she was very knowledgeable.

    I loved the natural balayage but I wanted to go a bit lighter so I went in for a second session. Cadence remembered how she did my hair the first time so she knew where to put all the coloring. It turned out a few shades lighter in the end! Everything was blended the way I wanted it and the color was perfect. I wasn't sure how it would turn out or if I would like it, but I loved it and Cadence did an awesome job!

    Everyone at the salon is really friendly and it's a great place to get Pinterest hair (because I know that's probably where you got your hair goals sample pic from ). Highly recommend!

    thumb Alana T.
  •   This post is long overdue!!

    First off, I love love love My!!! She's so fun to talk to and she really makes an effort to get to know her clients. I have my sessions every 3-4 months, and she'll remember something I told her from the previous session which I always thought was pretty awesome.

    I've been loyal to this salon for a while now, even back when My was still at Cielo. And now she got her own salon!! I first came to My bc I was tired of my boring black hair and just wanted something different but not too dramatic. So she recommended I go for a natural balayage. (Plus my hair was really dark and it wouldn't go any lighter anyway). But I remember feeling soo happy after their session and really in love with what My has done with my hair.

    So from then on, I ended up booking the next appt.. and then the next.. and then the next and so on. Decided to go blonde once and I've never looked back. I leave the salon super satisfied every single time! It alwaaaays turns out much better than I expected. About six sessions later, my hair is exactly what I've always wanted.

    The salon and the stylists' Instagram pages pretty much speak for itself. Every single person on the team knows what they're doing and they're all so sweet! They make you feel so comfortable and they literally work their magic with every single client they have. Put your trust in the team and you won't be disappointed!!

    See my attached photos for my evolution of hair!

    thumb Rhea R.
  •   The perfect salon. They make your dream hair come true! Extremely happy!!! Plus, they are all very nice to us. Will definitely be back! Thank you My!!

    thumb Lucilia P.
  •   Marissa was absolutely sweet and gave me just the hairstyle that I was looking for. The 3 hours I took flew by because of the amazing treatment I received. Overall, I loved the end result and couldn't have asked for a better look.

    thumb Nayeli H.
  •   Overpriced and overrated. Got a haircuts here and it was below average for the price.

    thumb Michelle M.
  •   This review is long overdue! My has been my hair stylist/hairgician for the past 3 and a half years now and I wouldn't have it any other way. My first visit with her was when she was still renting a chair at another salon in Willow Glen... the waitlist was long but SO worth it. My first session was 4 and a half hours long (I have fine, thick hair) and went for balayage. My is lively, we talked like we've been friends for a long time, and I never felt awkward sitting on that chair while she worked her magic on my long virgin black hair!!!

    Since then she is the only one I trust with my hair!! She's done my hair throughout the biggest events of my life -- engagement, wedding, honeymoon, baby shower and now my visits with her are my needed me time from my day to day as a Mom! Sometimes I don't even tell My what I want my hair to look like -- she just knows! And that's because she takes the time and effort to get to know each and every one of her clients. And every time I sit on that chair in the salon that she now has (yup, she's a real boss lady!), I let her do her magic and we catch up like old friends!!!

    Her assistants and other stylists in the salon are good too! My is strict on anyone who wants to learn under her and master her craft and even though sometimes the other girls are handling my hair, I don't feel worried because I know they are learning from the best of the best!!!

    Never letting you go, My!!! Anyone who wants to get their hair done should text My now and make an appointment. I can guarantee that you'll leave the salon looking pretty and ‍

    thumb Edna V.