To provide breathtaking hair through exply cust svice, because that is what we e passiate out.

our mission:

Since 2017, My and her team have provided a luxury hair salon experience to the Bay Area. They have evolved over the years, and are always continuing to learn and improve, but the two things that have stayed with us from the getgo are our team camaraderie and our administration of good customer service.

meet my:
Owner + stylist

SINCE 2017

Outside my devotion to hair, I spend my time with my husband, two children and our Yokie, Levi. Family is my other passion in life and it makes working hard every day very rewarding when I get home. I also enjoy my fitness and getting in those reps whenever I can.

I was born in Vietnam and came to the Bay Area in 1994 with my family. Although I genuinely enjoyed certain classes, it became apparent to me that school was not my thing as I started to seek out my passion. At 18 years old, I started my career in hair and have never looked back since.

Fast forward to today, I am the proud owner of My Stylist Salon, Inc. and proud to have branded the My Stylist name. Hair is something I love to do and I believe strongly in producing a quality end result for all of our clients. I take pride in all the relationships we have with our patrons and set store by building a special bond with each and every one of you that sits in our chairs. These are core components to the training I provide to all our stylists.

Wheth I see you walking by at the mall, or at e of my gym sessis, or in e of o airs for a hair sessi, I look forwd to meeting ea d evye e of you azing individuals out the. #hairdate

meet the team

the #Mysquad team of stylists

There are no master stylists here, nor are there any junior stylists. We are all one and see ourselves as a team working and aiming at the same target. We wear this proudly on our sleeves.

The #MySquad team is individually trained by My herself and we like to compare ourselves to a symphony. Every stylist has their component that ultimately helps to provide amazing hair results. This is always paired with our team's focus on customer service. We understand that maintaining satisfied customers keeps the wheels turning, but we strive to go above and beyond and amaze every client that has a My Stylist Salon experience.

We look forwd to ing this expice with you d expressing what we love to do at My Stylist Sal - ve you azing hair!

My name is Jenifer & I've been working at My Stylist Salon since 2019. Over the years I've grown into the stylist I am today. I love working with the team and I am forever grateful for the help and guidance that My has given me throughout my career. She is the best mentor! I also wouldn't be who I am today without my loyal clients who trust and support me. I'm always accepting new clients and can't wait to have you in my chair!


Hi, I’m Phillida! As a new stylist I’m always welcoming new clients. I look forward to meeting new clients in my chair. Besides doing hair, I love to spend time with my two puppies and my boyfriend. I also love going to Sharks games and watching it with my boyfriend and our group of friends. Get to know more about me and book with me for your next hair appointment!


Hello there, my name is Vy. I have been a hairstylist at My Stylist Salon since 2019. Sincerely, I’m so happy to make my artistic passion into a living and be sure my clients leave my chair happily with glowing eyes and beautiful smiles. I love to meet and build everlasting relationships with my current and future clients so that we will have good laughs and conversations about our favorite food, trips, hobbies, or haircare tips in between the moments. My team and I are welcoming you all to our salon in order to get your beauty enhanced, your mental health empowered and your spirits enlivened. Thanks and Love.


Hi there, my name is Chinh. I have been a hairstylist at Mystylist Salon since 2020. To be honest, I was having second thoughts about pursuing this career and this journey wasn’t easy for me at all in the beginning. But luckily, I made the right decision. As an introvert, it was so hard for me to openly communicate with my clients and the only thing that has kept me moving forward is my passion for hair, I love doing hair! Since working here, I’ve learned so much and will continue learning to keep myself updated with all the current trends. Using all knowledge I’ve learned to create the best result for my clients that can make them feel the most satisfied with my dedicated work. Can’t wait to meet you all in my chair!


My name is Nhi :) I’m currently working as an assistant/ hairstylist in training at My Stylist Salon. Yes! The newest member in the team! Starting from when I was a child, I have been interested in the creativity and beauty industry. Growing up, I fell in love with coloring hair right after I learned how fun and creative it can be! Since then, seeking new knowledge and updating myself on trends became my habit. I am on the way to become one of the stylists at MyStylist Salon. Looking forward to become your favorite stylist as well!

NHI / Upcoming stylist 

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